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Judy Parker LPC | Counselor Jackson, MS

Julia ‘Judy’ Parker

Special interests in life transition adjustment including birth, death, divorce, career change, and elder care, women's issues such as depression/anxiety, grief/loss, and miscarriage/ infertility, and sleep disorders.

Tara Mills LPC | Counselor Jackson, MS

Tara Mills

Child, adolescent and adult issues including abuse, trauma, Post Traumatic Stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, self-esteem and behavior problems. Special interest and training in play therapy and child/parent communication.

Matt Thames LPC | Counselor Jackson, MS

Matt Thames

Individual, family, and couples counseling including conflict resolution, communication, sexual issues, enrichment; stress management; grief; overcoming emotional wounds; men's issues; children; depression and anxiety.

Kristina Burrow Woodruff LPAT | Counselor Jackson, MS

Kristina Burrow Woodruff

Children, teen, and adult issues related to abuse, trauma, divorce, anxiety, grief & loss, medical issues (cancer, chronic illness, traumatic incidents), depression, self-esteem, behavior problems, ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, adjustment issues, relational issues, and eating disorders/eating issues (anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating, obesity, & overeating).

Will McNeese LPC LMFT | Counselor Jackson, MS

Will McNeese

Couples/Families- Divorce/separation, loss, parenting skills, conflict resolution, abuse within the family, emotional intimacy, sexuality.

Stephanie Hathorn LPC LMFTA AMFT | Counselor Jackson, MS

Stephanie Hathorn

Issues such as: anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, self-esteem, behavioral, communication, conflict resolution, sexuality, pre-marital, intimacy, life stressors and transitions, body image, parenting, spirituality, infertility, and abuse.

Sally Gex LPC | Counselor Jackson, MS

Sally Gex

Special interest in women's issues including body image, eating disorders, social anxiety, adjustment issues, fertility concerns, abuse, and trauma.

Marty Singletary LMFT | Counselor Jackson, MS

Marty Singletary

Communication and relationship dynamics in couples, marriages, and families; Individual goal definition and evaluating roles with others; Navigating life's transitions: relationship stressors, divorce, redirection at mid-life; Focus on mind/body/spirit alignment. Trained in hypnosis and dreamwork, and using dream metaphors for personal growth.

Lida Caraway LPC | Counselor Jackson, MS

Lida Caraway

Individual therapy for adolescents and adults relating to abuse and trauma; communication improvement, family of origin healing, self-esteem issues, grief, relationship issues, depression and anxiety.